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Natalie Meyer 
  - Class: Sr.
- School: Weatherford
- Teacher: Bob Bailey
- Course: Personal Financial Literacy
  • Natalie's Report
    SPRING 2017 STATE WINNER: Weatherford High School personal financial literacy teacher Bob Bailey with senior Natalie Meyer
    Spring 2017 Regional Winners
    Region Student/School Teacher/Course
    C Quinn McCrary, Sr.
    - Del City
    LuAnn Kanaly
    - Successful Adulthood: Surviving and Thriving
    NE Alice Binger, Jr.
    - Tulsa School of Arts & Sciences
    Kathy Hahn
    - Personal Finance
    SC Justin Dewbre, Sr.
    - Dibble
    Pamela Warden
    - Personal Finance
    SE Kaylea Simpson, Jr.
    - Caney
    Clinta Smith
    - Successful Adulthood: Surviving and Thriving
    SW Hannah Gladwell, Jr.
    - Cache
    Kimberly Hewett
    - Yearbook
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    SPRING 2017 Melanie Hall, ODS Deputy Administrator; Kenneth Maillard, ODS Director of Registrations; Kimberly Hewett, Cache High School Yearbook/Marketing teacher; Patty Labarthe, ODS Enforcement Attorney; Hannah Gladwell, SW report winner, junior at Cache High School; Kathy Hahn, Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences PFL teacher; Robert Neville, Oklahoma Securities Commissioner; Alice Binger, NE report winner, junior at Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences; Bob Bailey, Weatherford High School PFL teacher; STATE winner Natalie Meyer, senior at Weatherford High School; Jennifer Shaw, ODS Enforcement Attorney; Quinn McCrary, Central report winner, senior at Del City High School; Charles Newton, Oklahoma Securities Commission Chairperson; LuAnn Kanaly, Del City High School FACS teacher; Kaylea Simpson, SE report winner, junior at Caney High School; Clinta Smith, Caney High School FACS teacher; Justin Dewbre, South Central report winner, senior at Dibble High School, Pamela Warden [not pictured], Dibble High School personal finance teacher; Jo Ann Dysart, Invest Ed® STARS; Nancy Hyde, Oklahoma Securities Commissioner; Luciana Simmons, ODS Investigator

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