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Student Awards

Danya Meadows 
  - Class: Jr.
- School: Weatherford
- Teacher: Bob Bailey
- Course: Personal Financial Literacy
- Region: NW
  • Danya's Report
    FALL 2016 STATE WINNER: Weatherford High School Junior Danya Meadows with ODS Administrator Irving Faught
    Region Student/School Teacher/Course
    C Hannah Staudt (Sr.)
    - Mount St. Mary
    Francois Boda
    - Personal Finance
    NE Avery Childress (Sr.)
    - Tulsa School of Arts & Sciences
    Kathy Hahn
    - Personal Finance
    NW Laci Hughey (Sr.)
    - Weatherford
    Bob Bailey
    - Personal Financial Literacy
    SC Destiny Nowlin (Sr.)
    - Marlow
    Jeff Prater
    - Personal Financial Literacy
    SE Erica Mitchell (Sr.)
    - Canadian
    Barbara Cox
    - Financial Literacy
    SW Malea Gonzalez (Sr.)
    - Lawton MacArthur
    Gregory Ford
    - Personal Financial Literacy
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    Quote from a Fall 2016 student report:
    FALL 2016 Weatherford High School Principal Mark Shadid, Junior and State Winner Danya Meadows, Senior and NW regional winner Laci Hughey with Personal Financial Literacy teacher Bob Bailey
    FALL 2016 Canadian Public Schools Superintendent Rodney Karch, Senior and SE regional winner Erica Mitchell with Financial Literacy teacher Barbara Cox
    FALL 2016 Mount St. Mary Senior and C regional winner Hannah Staudt with Personal Finance teacher Francois Boda
    FALL 2016 Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences Personal Finance teacher Kathy Hahn with Senior and NE regional winner Avery Childress
    FALL 2016 Marlow High School Senior and SC regional winner Destiny Nowlin with Personal Financial Literacy teacher Jeff Prater
    FALL 2016 Lawton MacArthur High School Personal Financial Literacy teacher Gregory Ford with Senior and SW regional winner Malea Gonzalez
    FALL 2016 STUDENTS, TEACHERS, ADMINISTRATORS, ODS: Jo Ann Dysart, Invest Ed STARS; Greg Ford, Lawton MacArthur High School PFL teacher; Malea Gonzalez, Sr., SW; Irving Faught, ODS Administrator; Kathy Hahn, Tulsa School of Arts & Sciences PF teacher; Avery Childress, Sr., NE; Charlie Newton, Vice Chairman, Okla. Securities Commission; Francois Boda, Mount St. Mary High School PF teacher; Hannah Staudt, Sr., C; Charles Kaiser, ODS Dir. Of Info Quality; STATE winner Danya Meadows, Jr., Weatherford High School; Jennifer Shaw, ODS Enforcement Atty.; Laci Hughey, Sr., NW; Susan Edwards, ODS Examiner; Destiny Nowlin, Sr., SC; Jeff Prater, Marlow High School PFL teacher; Bob Bailey, Weatherford High School PFL teacher; Barbara Cox, Canadian High School FL teacher; Erica Mitchell, Sr., SE (not pictured); Patricia Labarthe, ODS Enforcement Atty.

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