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Student Awards

Brayden Battershell 
  - Class: Jr.
- School: Chickasha
- Teacher: Terri Gallaway
- Course: International Events
- Region: SC
  • Brayden's Report
    SPRING 2015 STATE WINNER: International Events teacher Terri Gallaway; STATE report winner Brayden Battershell, junior; Chickasha High School Asst. Principal Rhonda Snow
    Spring 2015 REGIONAL WINNERS
    Region Student/School Teacher/Course
    C Caleb Adams (Fr.)
    - Jones
    Justin Gerry
    - Computer Science
    NE Louann Dawson (Sr.)
    - Salina
    Jeri McElwee
    - Computers II
    NW Kennedie Helton (Jr.)
    - Weatherford
    Bob Bailey
    - Personal Fin. Literacy
    SC Madi Turner (Fr.)
    - Blanchard
    Sharon Edelen
    - Personal Finance
    SE Franchesca Garlett (Sr.)
    - Holdenville
    Cherina Brown
    - Calculus
    SW Yareli Martinez (Sr.)
    - Elk City
    Lauren Jury
    - Careers
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    Quote from a Spring 2015 student report:
    "I have an increased interest in my finances and how I can make them grow."  
    SPRING 2015 STUDENTS, TEACHERS, ADMINISTRATORS, ODS: senior Franchesca Garlett, Holdenville High School; calculus teacher Cherina Brown, Holdenville High School; personal finance teacher Sharon Edelen, Blanchard High School; freshman Madi Turner, Blanchard High School; careers teacher Lauren Jury, Elk City High School; Elk City High School Principal Jeff Lewallen; senior Yareli Martinez, Elk City High School; computers II teacher Jeri McElwee, Ed.D., Salina High School; senior Louann Dawson, Salina High School; computer science teacher Justin Gerry, Jones High School; freshman Caleb Adams, Jones High School; junior Brayden Battershell, STATE winner, Chickasha High School; Weatherford High School Principal Mark Shadid; junior Kennedie Helton, Weatherford High School; ODS Enforcement Atty. Jennifer Shaw; personal financial literacy teacher Bob Bailey, Weatherford High School; ODS Deputy Administrator Melanie Hall; Chickasha Asst. Superintendent Cindy Schmidt; ODS Director of Registrations Kenneth Maillard; business teacher Sarah Drake, Chickasha High School; Oklahoma Securities Commission Chairman Robert Neville

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