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Report Requirements

Report Layout
1. Cover Page  Refer to these guidelines 
2. Body Maximum length is 10 pages including cover, works cited, and two printouts. There is no minimum length requirement. 
3. Works Cited  A minimum of 5 resources are required and should be submitted on a separate page. Refer to guidelines.
4. Printouts Portfolio Printout 1
Portfolio Printout 2
Report Format
Margins 1” left, right, top, and bottom
Body double spaced
Font Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri
Font Color Black, on white paper
Font Size 11 or 12
Page Numbers Bottom, Center
Report Body
  • Introduction
  • Discuss your research process.
  • Reports must discuss:
    to qualify as a winning report.
  • What criteria did you use to determine the stocks you purchased? Did you use a Stock Screener? If so, which site’s screener did you use? Was it helpful? Why or why not?
  • Distinguish research and criteria. Write each topic separately.
  • Give detailed information on at least one of the stocks you purchased. Include history, company and industry trends, and other relevant factors.
  • Did you sell any stock during the project? If so, discuss why along with the results of the sale/s. Did you purchase additional stock after your initial investment? Why? Results?
  • Discuss risk. Mention the risk assessment tool (site) used. How well did your risk assessment results match your Portfolio results?
  • Discuss your project investment goal or goals. Did you achieve your goal/s? Discuss.
  • What did you learn about recognizing securities fraud and protecting yourself against it?
  • Discuss diversification. Why diversify? How did you diversify? Talk about its impact on your portfolio results.
  • Talk about specifics you learned as a result of this project.
  • Has your opinion on monitoring your finances changed as a result of this project? How?
  • What is your perspective of the market as a result of this project?
  • Words to avoid include trade, trader, play, game, gamble, etc.
  • What value did this project provide you in your present life? Future?
  • Is there an investment goal in your future? Discuss.
The report will be graded from a scale of 1-5 in the following 12 categories: Introduction, Risk, Securities Fraud, Project Goals, Research, Criteria for Selecting Stocks, Diversification, Company Details, Buy/Sell Stocks, Impact/Conclusion, Grammar, and Report Requirements. Thoroughness and critical thinking are key aspects of a winning report. For a detailed breakdown, refer to the Report Evaluation tool.
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