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The Investment Minute is an unbiased investor education series created to improve Oklahomans' investor well-being through education.
  "Knowing your Debt"
Savings and Investment Plan
Can't rely on Social Security!
Taking charge of your future
Framing your Investment Plan
Investment Scams
Setting Goals
What are Financial Statements?
Net Worth Statements
Cash Flow Statements
Creating a Cash Flow Statement
Balancing Income and Expenses
Knowing your Debt
Saving for the Future
Implementing your Financial Plan
Basics of Financial Decision Making
Financial Decision Making
Myths of Financial Decision Making
Making Informed Financial Decisions 1
Making Informed Financial Decisions 2
Making Informed Financial Decisions 3
Savings and Investment Accounts
Types of Accounts
Savings Accounts
CDs and Money Markets
Investing your Savings Account
Common Investment Products
Various Savings and Investing Products
Risk & Liquidity
Introduction to Investment Risk
Moderate Risk Investments
Investment Liquidity
Inflation and Your Investments
Dollar Cost Averaging


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