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"Mutual Fund Fraud" 
Investment Minute - Classic 130
     Week 1 - Introduction
Introduction 1 Listen
Introduction 2 Listen
Introduction 3 Listen
Introduction 4 Listen
Introduction 5 Listen
     Week 2 - Investment Scams
Ponzi Scheme Listen
Pyramid Scheme Listen
Penny Stock Listen
Boiler Rooms Listen
Prime Bank Scam Listen
     Week 3 - Investment Scams
Promissory Note >>More Listen
Dishonest Broker Listen
Insurance Agents Listen
Nigerian Scams Listen
Mutual Fund Fraud Listen
     Week 4 - Investment Scams
Wrong Number Scam Part 1 Listen
Wrong Number Scam Part 2 Listen
Unknown Stock Tips Listen
Wrong Number Scam Part 3 Listen
Spotting Con Artists Listen
     Week 5 - Senior Fraud
Introduction Listen
Advance Fee Listen
Charitable Annuities Listen
High Pressure Tactics Listen
5 Tips to Spot Fraud Listen
     Week 6 - Affinity Fraud More
Introduction Listen
Examples of Affinity Fraud Listen
"You Can Trust Me" Listen
Preventing Affinity Fraud Listen
Reporting Affinity Fraud Listen
     Week 7 - Mutual Fund Investing More
Introduction Listen
What is a Mutual Fund? Listen
Mutual Fund Components Listen
Types of Mutual Funds Listen
More on Mutual Funds Listen
     Week 8 - Mutual Fund Investing More
Diversification Listen
Liquidity Listen
Risk vs. Return Listen
Tips for Getting Started Listen
Other Tips for Investing Listen
     Week 9 - Mutual Fund Investing More
Your Responsibilities Listen
Mutual Fund Documents Listen
Contractual Plans Listen
How Mutual Funds Work Listen
Mutual Fund Popularity Listen
     Week 10 - Mutual Fund Investing More
Mutual Fund Fees Listen
What does "Load" mean? Listen
Types of "Load" Fees Listen
Other Types of Fees Listen
Ask about Fees First! Listen
     Week 11 - Mutual Fund Investing More
Mutual Fund Classes Listen
ABC's of Fund Classes Listen
What are Break Points? Listen
The Importance of Break Points Listen
Are you Getting the Break Points Listen
     Week 12 - Variable Annuities More
Introduction Listen
How they Work Listen
Features of Variable Annuities Listen
More Features of Variable Annuities Listen
How to Protect Yourself Listen
     Week 13 - Variable Annuities More
Not Suitable for Everyone Listen
More Sales Abuses Listen
What is Twisting? Listen
Are they Suitable for You? Listen
Questions Before Investing Listen
     Week 14 - Bonds More
Introduction to Bonds Listen
Bonds vs. Stocks Listen
Short vs. Long Term Listen
Why Bonds are not Risk Free Listen
Other Types of Risk Listen
     Week 15 - Bonds More
Investment Bonds Listen
Municipal Bonds Listen
Junk Bonds Listen
Zero Interest Bonds Listen
Factors that Affect Bond Prices Listen
     Week 16 - Broker Trust
Market Manipulation Listen
Churning or Unauthorized Trades Listen
Broker Lies or Half Truths Listen
Chop Stock Scam Listen
Avoid Becoming a Victim Listen
     Week 17 - Broker Dispute Resolution
Introduction to Broker Disputes Listen
How to Avoid Broker Disputes Listen
Filing a Written Complaint Listen
How to Recovery Your Losses Listen
Arbitration and Mediation Listen
     Week 18 - How to Choose a Stockbroker
Stockbroker's Role Listen
Stockbroker Services Listen
More Stockbroker Services Listen
Tips for Choosing a Stockbroker Listen
How to Work with Stockbrokers Listen
     Week 19 - Choosing Investment Advisors and Financial Planners
Introduction Listen
Fees Listen
Difference Between Advisors/Planners Listen
Tips for Choosing an Advisor/Planner Listen
Questions to Ask when Choosing an Advisor/Planner Listen
     Week 20 - Arbitration
Definition of Alternative Dispute Resolution Listen
Introduction of Arbitration Listen
Pros and Cons Listen
Arbitration Case Types Listen
How to File a Claim Listen
     Week 21 - Arbitration Process
Arbitration Hearing Location Listen
Arbitration Hearing Procedures Listen
Arbitration Hearing Procedures (con't) Listen
Arbitrator's Ruling Listen
Conclusion Listen
     Week 22 - Mediation
Introduction Listen
Mediation Benefits Listen
The Mediation Session Listen
Mediation Settlements Listen
Mediation Myths Listen
     Week 23 - Investment Account Statements
Introduction Listen
Statement Basics Listen
The Information on Your Account Statements Listen
Account Statement Information (con't) Listen
Income Summary and Details Listen
     Week 24 - Investment Account Statement Verification
Introduction Listen
What to Look for on your Statement Listen
Verify Basic Information Listen
Understanding your Statement Listen
How to Handle Statement Mistakes Listen
     Week 25 - Oklahoma Securities Commission (OSC)
Introduction Listen
Members Listen
Mission/Mission Accomplished Listen
Mission/Mission Accomplished Pt.2 Listen
Other Commission Duties Listen
     Week 26 - Oklahoma Securities Commission (OSC) (con't)
Duties Listen
Hickman and Crescent Fraud Cases Listen
What to do if You are Scammed Listen
What Happens When Fraud is Reported Listen
Series Conclusion/Information about InvestEd® Programs Listen

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