STARS Student Awards

Students compete across the state for STARS Awards

There is one award period for each school calendar year. The award period will end in April. Students who desire to be considered for the award must participate either in the online STARS program or through a STARS trained teacher’s class. The students will write a paper documenting their research process in creating their stock portfolios, explaining why they chose particular stocks, describing how their stocks performed, and detailing what they have learned as a result of participating in the STARS program.

The Oklahoma Department of Securities will award up to seven (7) $1000 awards to participating students in grades 9-12. The students will be divided according to the OSSAA Academic Bowl classifications (i.e., Class A, Class 2A, Class 3A, Class 4A, Class 5A, Class 6A, and “other”) based on the high school of the participating student. The “other” classification will include schools not otherwise classified and students who are home schooled.

STARS trained teachers may submit up to two (2) reports per teaching period to be considered for the awards. The two teaching periods shall span April 16-December 15 and December 16 – April 15.

Want to Participate in STARS?

Spring 2020 Report Winners

McKena Carroll, Junior

Caney High School - Class A
Teacher: Clinta Smith, FACS Basics

"My perspective of the market has changed greatly. I thought the market was only for those with great wealth and those willing to gamble with their money."

Ivy Spieker, Senior

Dibble High School - Class 3A
Teacher: Pamela Warren, Personal Finance

"This project has made me excited about my future because now I know how important it is to save for retirement and my kids’ future."

Dani Ingram, Senior

Weatherford High School - Class 4A
Teacher: Bob Bailey, Personal Financial Literacy

"I am thankful for the education I received from this program, and I am prepared for whatever life has to throw at me, whether it be a recession, a pandemic, or a Casanova con!"

Emily Mendez-Cervantes, Junior

Moore Norman Technology Center - Class 6A
Teacher: Nancy Pierce, Entrepreneurship

“I believe that the market has many risks; individuals just have to know how to manage those risks based on the mindset that there is a potential of gain and loss.”